Progress In Life with 3 S (Self Perfection, Spiritual Practice & Social Service)

Progress in Life with 3 S -


  • Savaym Siddhi (Self Perfection) 
  • Sadhana (Spiritual Meditation)
  • Seva (Social Service)


 These objectives if followed by a person, by society, by a nation will bring the equilibrium an equipoise in physical, physico - psychics & physico-spiritual realm thus bringing a concept of Ram-Rajya of tulsi Das & Prama of Vedanta philosophy. This Prama will lead an establish one into the state of Brahmahood & a state of absolute infinity.

                              Self perfection in all the 3 strata of the life is a perseverant effort to move forward from once reality to perfection. Here one has to shed off one’s a hipocritic attitude & realize what he is at that moment & then from that moment onward one makes great effort to his best to become the best possible perfect. With the self perfection one gets the prosperity, name, fame, honor etc etc. Thus bound to suffer from ego, vanity & self centeredness, to rein this destructive outcome of self perfection. Service to the close & kinship is a must. To sympathize the physical, physico – psychic & spiritual sufferings off all the human beings, plants, animals & other existences. Service to them means generate the ways & means through which their progress & spiritual upliftment & enlightenment besides the necessity of survival is ensured and fulfill.

                              This service with self-perfection if blend together makes a man extra-ordinarily, high- willed, diligent, highly ambitious and a man of great success. Therefore revered and become widely popular among the society, therefore the evil of vanity & ego further inflates, though self centeredness is more or less shrinks down. To solve the problem of vanity & ego, the only way is the attribution of once every activity. Every service with Brahmma, that is to say seeing or visualizing Brahmma in various forms & names to whomsoever the service is being provided. When one tries to see Brahmma in once every act, one does not develop the vanity and ego for the once to whom the service was to be one, because then the service taker is not a man X or man Y, but only different forms of Brahmma.

                              If one does Sadhana but no self perfection & Seva, a becomes a parasite on the society, as has been practiced by the Indians so called saffron claded monks for last many thousand of years . In the name of Dharma, rituals and God pleasing activities, these pundits and also called Sadhus became a leach for the society. Leach sucks the blood from the animal and thrives on it even at the cost of the life of the victim. Spiritual practices are the longing of once physico – spiritual realm but physical body of anyone and everyone requires physical pabulum to sustain once physical body. One requires food, water, air, water etc for once life, so why not to earn it by own once effort. However spiritually elevated one is.

                              Service done alone without self-perfection and intuitional practices that is Sadhana will make one definitely widely accepted but at the week movements these morality based principles gets dwindled up by various temptations. Thus fall is immanent most of the present politicians they start with social service and various social welfare activities, so to become popular, but the movement they become a powerful member of any party or council, they get corrupted.

                              Self Perfection & Sadhana is a good combination, but these people are just good for nothing as their physical, mental and spiritual achievements and progress is not being share to the society to which he is an inevitable part, everyone gives and takes this & that from the society. So, how can a man remain absolute detached & alienated from the rest of the world forever. So, when one takes something from the society, he must pay it back, may be in any kind.

                              Thus every man, every family, every city, every institution, school, nation & the whole world should work and live in harmony doing their best possible effort helping each other and helping all & remembering God every movement is a key to emancipation.


 Srii Srii Sai Prem BABA'